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How to choose Nattokinase in 2021?

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Nattokinase is a supplement that can resolve blood clots, reduce blood pressure and so many other health effects. You can check this article out (What is nattokinase enzyme used for?) to know more about this enzyme. But as a manufacturer or distributor how to choose Nattokinase can be a problem. About five years ago, due to the very hot nattokinase market, some shoddy manufacturers appeared. The way they manufacture the nattokinase leads to the poor quality of it which eventually affects the health effect nattokinase ought to have. If you have ever be cheated or you are a newcomer who is interested in nattokinase, this article will help you figure out how to choose the right nattokinase!


Choose nattokinase by enzyme activity

First thing first, when choosing nattokinase, its enzyme activity should always be the first thing you need to consider. The unit of the nattokinase enzyme is FU/g (fibrin degradation or fibrinolytic units). This is the exclusive unit of nattokinase activity. Here’s the method of detect nattokinase activity FU/g (Purification and characterization of a fibrinolytic enzyme produced from Bacillus sp. strain CK 11-4 screened from Chungkook-Jang). The most used activity unit for the enzyme is IU/g. And FU/g is the common standard used by the Japanese who is the first one to extract nattokinase and set up the standard. There is no special conversion formula to convert IU to FU.

The most common active range on the market now is from 1,000 FU/g to 20,000 FU/g. But Eiffel Biotech can make it to 55,000 FU/g! From our experience from the last ten years, for the final retail product, we recommend 2,500 FU per capsule (5,000 FU/g) and two capsules a day. And if you are a factory or manufacturer, we highly recommend you purchase 20,000 FU/g. Because it allows you to dilute into a compound most conveniently and it’s very stable. Usually, when clients purchase 20,000 FU/g nattokinase from us, the activity can stay at 20,000 FU/g for more than a year. Plus 20,000 FU/g nattokinase is most freight-cost-friendly!


Choose nattokinase by its purity

Because of the different manufacturing processes, the purity of nattokinase will be much different. Think about it, there are two kinds of nattokinase with the same enzyme activity 20,000 FU/g. But one of them contains many ingredients other than nattokinase, such as soy protein and another contains the only nattokinase. Which one is better for you to make the final product? From my perspective, I would say the one with the only nattokinase. In this way, you can control the ingredient of the final product more precisely. But due to the import law of some countries like China, the protein content has to reach at least 20%, then the first one is better.

Why the purity is different? It’s mainly because of the different manufacturing processes. In around 2010-2015, since the hot market of nattokinase, some shoddy factories directly grind soybean or natto to make nattokinase without fermentation and purification. They disrupted the whole market. The so-called nattokinase they sold had no or little health effect. It’s more like natto whey protein. The real manufacturing process of nattokinase includes fermentation, centrifugal separation, extraction, purification, adjustment of activity. If you are interested in our process, contact us (Eiffel Biotech,!

A quick way to distinguish nattokinase’s purity is through its color. The more brownish-yellow it is, the more ingredients it has. The lighter yellow it is, the purer it is. But still, all are subject to the report or COA of the product!

Different color of nattokinase

Where are the best quality nattokinase from?

Though natto and nattokinase origins from Japan, the best manufacturers worldwide are in Taiwan. A lot of Taiwan manufacturers learned the techniques of making nattokinase and developed it. Big names like Eiffel Biotech, Contek, and Vedan all produce top-quality nattokinase!

Taiwan has the best manufacturers


No matter you are interested in Eiffel Biotech’s nattokinase or purely want to know more about nattokinase. Welcome to contact us for more information. We will provide you with more specific insight about the nattokinase and the market situations!