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Guide to Chinese Health Products Market in 2022

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This is a guide to Chinese Health Products Market in 2022. By providing professional Nattokinase, Eiffel has some views on the overall market to share with you. Although the Chinese are very enthusiastic about health products, consumers of all ages have not yet fully tapped the demand potential of health products. In the future, as residents’ income increases and health product companies dig deeper into the demand for subdivided health products, all age groups There is a large room for the development of health care products of different groups.

Guide to Chinese Health Products Market in 2022


Introduction to the definition and characteristics of Chinese health products

Health care products refer to products that can regulate body functions, are not aimed at curing diseases, and do not cause any acute, subacute, or chronic harm to the human body. In a broad sense, all products with health care functions can be called health care products. In a narrow sense, products with blue hat signs (China Health Food Label whose logo is a blue hat as shown in the image below) that require the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration are the health care products that are allowed to be promoted and sold in China. The health products on the market are roughly divided into health foods, health supplies, health cosmetics, and health drugs. The scope of research in this report is broad-based health products.


The difference between blue-hat-sign-labeled Chinese health products and non-blue-hat-sign-labeled Chinese health products

Blue-hat-sign-labeled foods are healthy foods which include “Guoshijianzi国食健字” and “Weishijianzi卫食健字” Non-health foods usually refer to nutritional dietary supplements. The two are different in management methods, label management and naming, application procedures, and food hygiene license acceptance departments.

” Guoshijianzi国食健字” is the approval number of the health food by the State Food and Drug Administration. The health food approval certificate is valid for 5 years. In addition to the ” Guoshijianzi国食健字” and blue hat logo on the product label, it must be Indicate the content of the active ingredients in the product, and at the same time, you can check the approval number of the product through the official website.

The format of the approval document number for domestic health food is: Guoshijianzi国食健字 G+4-digit era number+4-digit serial number; the format of the approval document number for imported health food is: Guoshijianzi国食健字 J+4-digit era number+4-digit serial number.

” Weishijianzi卫食健字” is the approval number issued by the Ministry of Health in 2003 and before. Since the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration in 2004, the ” Weishijianzi卫食健字” brand must be re-approved and converted to the national food for health. However, During the validity period, the word has the same effect as the Guoshijianzi国食健字 word, and the product label also has the ” Weishijianzi卫食健字” and blue hat logo, and the approval number of the product can be inquired on the official website.



Analysis of the Economic Environment for the Development of China’s Health Products Industry: National Income

Data shows that the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents has increased year by year from 2014 to 2020. In 2020, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents is 32,189 yuan, an increase of 4.7% year on year. The increase in national income has further led to rapid growth in the purchasing power of Chinese residents, and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards. In addition to satisfying food and clothing, they pay more attention to personal nutrition and health. Steady economic growth has become an important driving force for the health care product industry.


Analysis of the social environment for the development of China’s health care industry: health care expenditures

Data shows that nearly 30% of the surveyed users have an average monthly consumption expenditure of health care products between 300-500 yuan, and 8.04% of the surveyed users are above 1,000 yuan. In addition, more than 40% of users indicated that they will increase their consumer spending on health products in the future, which means that the people are currently more willing to invest in their own health, and it also reflects the increasing importance of the people on the improvement of immunity and their own health.


2013-2023 China’s health care products industry market size and forecast

Data show that the scale of China’s health care products market continued to grow from 2013 to 2020. Since 2017, the growth rate of China’s health care products market has accelerated. It is estimated that by 2021, the scale of China’s health care products market will increase to 270.8 billion yuan. Our analysts believe that Chinese consumers have undergone a fundamental change in their consumption concepts and willingness to consume healthy foods. The consumption attributes of health foods will gradually change from optional consumer products to mandatory consumer products, and health foods are also gradually changing. Change from high-end consumer goods and gifts to compulsory dietary supplements. These factors will promote the growth of the overall market size of health care products in China.


China’s health care product segment market as of September 2021

According to data, in September 2021, the efficacy of health products commonly used by Chinese health food users is mainly concentrated in three aspects: nutritional supplement, sleep improvement, and traditional nourishment. Our analysts believe that during the epidemic, Chinese consumers have increased awareness of health and immunity, and therefore, the demand for healthy foods that enhance immune function will continue to grow.

In addition, with the younger generation of health care products and the diversification of consumption scenarios, the demand for some anti-fatigue and other functional health care products is gradually increasing.


Geographical distribution of companies in China’s health care products industry in January 2021

According to statistics, as of February 2021, the total number of surviving health care products companies in China is more than 2.2 million, of which Shandong and Guangdong provinces have more health care companies, each exceeding 200,000. The geographical location of Chinese health care product companies is basically the same as the distribution of health care product consumers, mostly in the eastern coastal areas and provinces where the new first-tier cities in central China are located.


Guide to Chinese Health Products Market in 2022: Analysis of the development challenges and trends of China’s health products industry

Analysis of the development challenges of China’s health products industry

Industry companies: The management level and product quality of health care product manufacturers are uneven, and most of the marketing methods stay at the initial stage. These factors will more or less make consumers biased against related companies.

Consumers: Although more and more people are aware of the importance of health, China’s population base is large, and effective health knowledge cannot really spread to everyone. Many people’s awareness of health care and prevention of diseases is still weak

Policy: The state implements strict supervision, which is good for the development of the industry and the enterprise, but because there is no existing experience to follow, it is still a test of national supervision.


Trend analysis: cross-border entry into the health care product industry

Health care products belong to the general health field. Due to fierce competition in the field, other subdivisions in the field have also begun to cross-border health care products, and they have become new breakthroughs for business growth, such as pharmaceutical companies and milk powder companies.

Our analysts believe that in recent years, especially during the epidemic, national health awareness has increased unprecedentedly. The demand for dietary supplements, health foods, and other nutritional and health products is expanding. The market for health products is huge, which attracts people. Few companies cross-border entry, thereby promoting the development of the entire health care product market.


Trend analysis: health products prefer natural ingredients

“Punk health care” has gradually become a new trend among young people. They are consuming health while buying health care products. However, the type of health care products they buy has changed from various chemical medicine health products to health products with natural ingredients. The health stalk of “Insulation Cup Soaked Goji Berries” has always made Goji berries a highly sought-after nourishing and health-preserving category in the market.


Trend Analysis: Snacking of Health Products

Many contemporary young people have a fast-paced life, pursue high efficiency and instant enjoyment, and this is also true for health preservation. Compared with traditional health-preserving ingredients that require steaming, boiling, stewing, and boiling, young people prefer “ready-to-eat” and good-tasting nourishing nutrients.

More and more health-care foods are emerging on the market, such as By-Health’s collagen gums, peppermint healthy probiotic solid drinks, etc. The current health-care products are developing in the direction of snacking and lightweight.

Snacking of Health Products


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