In eastern Asia, natto (a soy-based Japanese food) has been very popular for a thousand years. Nattokinase is an enzyme found naturally in natto, and this enzyme is formed while natto is undergoing fermentation. Natto’s fermentation requires a unique bacterium known as Bacillus subtilis.

Consumption of natto has been related to an average longer lifespan of the Japanese population as it is said to lower chronic diseases. Specifically, studies and research prove that people who are involved with rich natto diets have lower tendencies of death from cardiac diseases.


The nattokinase health benefits and prominent smell and taste of natto come from its unique enzyme. While the soybeans are going through the fermentation process, the bacterium activates the nattokinase. This is how the manufacturing of nattokinase takes place, and it helps in giving the food its cheesy flavor along with a wide range of health benefits that are scientifically backed.


Nowadays, multiple health food specialty shops and grocery stores sell natto worldwide. People can buy homemade natto kits and consume nattokinase like a supplement.


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What are the nutritional values of nattokinase?
















Natto is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. But, the majority of the health benefits of this food are bound to its dominant nattokinase enzyme. The enzyme nattokinase’s one and only food source is natto, but people can also purchase it as a supplement. Studies suggest that nattokinase supplements are as functional as directly consuming natto.




How does nattokinase lower the risks of heart disease?

Research has shown that the enzyme nattokinase helps in dissolving blood clots. This helps to maintain an exemplary structure of blood vessels, improves the flow of blood, lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress on the heart, and hence lowers the risk of cardiac disease.


Nattokinase enzymes promote an outstanding bacterial balance in the gut, which is also called the microbiome. Your immune system can turn weak due to poor gut health. It also increases the chances of chronic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, obesity, and heart disease.


The other nattokinase health benefits are:





What are the unique features of nattokinase that help reduce risks related to heart diseases?

heart diseases

(CVD) Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the whole world. The approach to managing and controlling heart disease mortality is hugely limited. The enzyme nattokinase (the most active component of natto) possesses numerous favorable effects on the cardiovascular system, and its consumption has been shown to reduce CVD mortality.


Eiffel Biotech provides genuine nattokinase products. Nattokinase is linked with activities like fibrinolytic, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-hypertensive, lipid-lowering, neuro-protective, and anti-platelet.












End note


Low studies and research are why nattokinase is not yet registered as a potent drug. It is available as a nutritional supplement in the market. Nattokinase is a naturally derived element that has innumerable advantages. It is proven to be safe for consumption (for a long). Its routes of administration are primarily oral, but many anti-thrombotic drugs are often injected. It has numerous favorable cardiac effects, and it can be easily mass-produced.


Eiffel Biotech has been proven to be 100% genuine nattokinase products.


Multiple clinical tests and trials have been conducted, and they are still ongoing. Nattokinase health benefits are recommendable, and it is proven to be safe for oral and IV administration in the human body. The supplements are available in capsules or tablets for blood thinning, improved circulation, and prevention of blood clots.


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