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8 Questions You Need To Ask About Nattokinase Products


Nattokinase is an all-natural enzyme present in a traditional fermented food called Natto. It is known for dissolving blot clots and its blood-thinning properties, giving Nattokinase a therapeutic potential among heart diseases. This article is all about the most frequently asked questions or the most important questions that one should ask about Nattokinase products.


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Eight questions about nattokinase products whose answers you must know are:


  1. What do you mean by Nattokinase products? 

Nattokinase or natto extract is a chemical enzyme responsible for the fermented cheesy texture of soybean food called Natto. Nattokinase is produced when the cooked soybeans are later fermented with the help of the bacterial Bacillus subtilis natto. Therefore the enzyme is extracted from the food natto and used to produce the best nattokinase supplement products like nattokinase capsules and tablets on the market.


  1. What is the mechanism of action of nattokinase products?

Nattokinase belongs to the L-serine protease enzyme family that works for breaking down other proteins (amino acids). The mechanism of nattokinase on human cells or animal cells is:

  • It dissolves a cross-linked fibrin protein, which forms blood clots.
  • It increases the release of the t-PA (plasminogen tissue activator) from cells, which also breaks down the fibrin.
  • It increases the level of urokinase by converting or transforming internal prourokinase into urokinase (the increase in urokinase activity results in increased blood plasmin responsible for fibrin degradation).
  • It inactivates the PAI-1(plasminogen activator inhibitor); PAI-1 inhibits or restricts the plasmin formation, ultimately degrading fibrin.
  • It blocks thromboxane formation that inhibits the aggregation of platelets.


  1. What are the potential benefits of the products of Nattokinase?
  • Nattokinase reduces blood pressure. Nattokinase inhibits the enzyme that converts angiotensin. It causes the blood vessels to narrow down, and inhibiting this particular enzyme might reduce the blood pressure.
  • It helps to prevent blood clots or thrombosis. Nattokinase degrades fibrin and decreases the level of coagulating factors. This is similar to the effects of the drug aspirin, but it is way better and holds an upper hand because it is naturally obtained and potentially has fewer side effects.


  1. Are nattokinase products legal medicine?

Nattokinase supplements are available in the market as they are naturally obtained enzymes with potential health benefits. But, for medical use, it is not approved by the FDA. Nattokinase products are not sold under the name of medicines but are known as supplements.

It is not approved as medicine because fewer studies or research have been conducted, which is not enough to gather evidence for the FDA to approve. The trials or studies might be limited in number, but all the trials conducted till now have positive outcomes and magnificent results. Always speak with your physician or pharmacist before supplementing.

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  1. Does nattokinase reduce heart diseases?

Yes, it does! Nattokinase is better than any other statin medication. The satin medicine starts or initiates oxidative damage in the body, whose outcome is a lowering of the energy level that ultimately affects the health of the heart along with it. Nattokinase is a plant-based all-natural source that helps in lowering the lipid level in the body and prevents or restricts clogging of the blood vessels.

Nattokinase products remarkably reduce plaque size that causes atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels).


  1. Does nattokinase reduce the chances of a stroke?

Nattokinase lowers the risk of thrombosis or blood clots, resulting in high blood flow or high oxygen flow to the brain. The blockage in the flow pathway can cause an ischemic stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke that is bursting one or more blood vessels. The blood carries oxygen to the brain’s tissues, and if there is a reduction in the blood flow in a particular area of the brain, then that part of the brain will get permanently damaged.


  1. Do nattokinase products pose any side effects?

Nattokinase is a safe and naturally obtained element that is mainly consumed orally as a supplement within normal limits and dosage. It has been regularly and routinely consumed by Japanese culture for hundreds of years. However, larger dosages might give you trouble as everything in excess come with a consequence.

Customized nattokinase

Warnings and precautions of consuming Nattokinase products.

You should not consume excess nattokinase supplements during breastfeeding or pregnancy as there is no reliable information related to the consequences or safety of nattokinase consumed during this period. Suppose you have any bleeding disorder or are going to undergo surgery, or have already undergone recent surgery. In that case, it is better to stay away from nattokinase as it is a form of blood thinner that can worsen the bleeding disorder. If you are already consuming any other medication or drug to lower your blood pressure level, then high doses of nattokinase might lower your blood pressure.


  1. What should be the dosage of nattokinase?

The dose of nattokinase supplements generally depends on multiple factors like health, age, and others. Suppose no specific information is mentioned to identify an appropriate dosage range for the product. In that case, it is better to consume a low dosage of nattokinase 6000 FU/g as you will be on a safer side rather than taking high dosage nattokinase products at the initial stage like nattokinase 20000 FU/g. It is always better to consult your physician or pharmacist before starting with any dosage. Always start from a lower dose and gradually go towards a higher dose according to the health condition’s outcome.


Final Words

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