Congratulations to our employee for the article about Allium schoenoprasum published in the journal Foods MDPI (IF: 4.092)

Eiffel Biotech continues to invest in talents. Our employee Patrick Wang’s article was published in Foods on June 11, 2021. The content is about Purification, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of the Polysaccharide from Allium schoenoprasum. The 2020 impact factor of Foods MDPI is 4.092. We look forward to our team’s further success. Our professional background is […]

What is nattokinase enzyme used for?

What is the Nattokinase enzyme? Nattokinase is a fermented soybean, which is an enzyme extracted from natto. We all know that natto is a sticky food. It is a breakfast that Japanese people often eat. Nattokinase is actually not food like natto but refers to the sticky part of the natto surface. We call it […]

A possible solution for blood clot caused by COVID-19: BSNK66® Nattokinase

This article will introduce you to how Nattokinase solves the problem of blood clots caused by COVID-19. COVID-19 has ravaged the world for nearly two years. And the epidemic situation in various countries and regions around the world has a tendency to make a comeback. Various variants of viruses are emerging one after another. India, […]