bsnk66 eiffel biotech

Eiffel Biotech Self-developed Nattokinase

Eiffel Biotech has been working for ten years and cooperated with many universities at home and abroad to develop a unique BSNK66®  nattokinase raw material.

Unique Features

Unique product characteristics, worthy of your purchase

No Annoying Smell

No peculiar smell of natto. Don't worry about customers not accepting the taste.

Wide Range of Activity

Our Nattokinase activity can reach 12,000 Fu/g, 20,000 Fu/g, and even 50,000 Fu/g.

Many Health Effects

Numerous academic journals and experiments have proved nattokinase's health effects.

High Adaptability

Suitable to be added to various types of products, such as yogurt, biscuits, probiotics, etc.



The thrombolytic effect of Nattokinase can last for 8-12 hours, which is 6 times the effect of thrombolytics. The arterial blood flow recovery of nattokinase, plasmin and elastase were 62.0±5.3%, 15.8±0.7% and 0%, respectively. The results show that the thrombolytic activity of nattokinase in vivo is stronger than plasmin or elastase.


Lower Blood Pressure

The study participants assigned to the intervention group received one capsule containing nattokinase (20,000 FU/capsule) The experiment lasts for 8 weeks. The average decrease in systolic blood pressure ranged from 173.8±20.5 mmHg to 154.8±12.6 mmHg. The average decrease in diastolic blood pressure ranged from 101.0±11.4 mmHg to 91.2±6.6 mmHg.



The participants took one capsule containing nattokinase (2,000 FU/capsule) orally every day for 8 weeks. The average fibrinogen, coagulation factor VII and coagulation factor VIII were reduced by 8.7%, 11.4% and 18.4%, respectively which shows that Nattokinase is effective against blood clotting.



In a randomized controlled trial (26-week period and 82 hyperlipidemia patients) , participants were divided into two groups. One group was given a lipid-lowering drug: simvastatin (20 mg), and the other group was given Nattokinase (daily dose) 6000 FU). After the test, it was found that the inner thickness of the common carotid artery (CCA-IMT) and the size of the carotid plaque in the two groups decreased, but the magnitude was more significant in the Nattokinase group.


Other Effects

In addition, nattokinase can also reduce the risk of stroke, protect myocardial ischemia, improve ocular circulation, prevent fractures, cerebral thrombosis, and dementia, etc.


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nattokinase working

Thrombolysis Mechanism

It can break down blood clots by directly hydrolyzing fibrin and plasmin substrates, transform endogenous prourokinase into urokinase (uPA), degrade PAI-1 (plasminogen promoter inhibitor 1), and increase Tissue plasminogen promoter (t-PA) that supports fibrinolytic activity.