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Ten years of deep cultivation. 

What we can provide is more than you think!

Continuous Growth

With superior professional technology and advanced equipment, Eiffel Biotech strictly controls quality and has passed ISO22000 international standard certification and HACCP food safety certification.

High-activity Guarantee

We supply all kinds of high-activity Nattokinase raw materials to major pharmaceutical factories and health food factories. According to customer needs, the highest activity we can provide is able to reach 50,000 FU/g.

Professional Certification

In addition to cooperating with Huwei University of Science and Technology. each batch of our products all tested and passed the inspection of the third notarization institution,TAF and TFDA Lab Test Passed And all of them.

Our Profession Is Worth Your trust

Eiffel Biotech Self-developed Nattokinase

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The BEST Nattokinase you can purchase

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Compliance with Multinational Standards

With many years of export experience, our products of various specifications meet the import requirements of various countries.

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Multiple Health Features

BSNK66® has multiple functions such as dissolving thrombus, slowing down high blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis, etc. which have been experimentally verified.

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Strong Product Variability

Not only capsules but also biscuits, protein powders, cereal meal packs, probiotics, etc. We can all customize according to customer needs to adapt to different sales channels.

Clients share their experience

We communicated with Eiffel Biotech for a long time in the early stage of procurement, but they were very patient to answer our questions and prepare all kinds of documents we need for import. The cooperation has been more than 3 years, Eiffel has never let me down.
Mrs. Sophie
Purchasing Manager
I used to think that nattokinase was only a Japanese patented product, but I did not expect that Eiffel from Taiwan could actually make a product of better quality than Japan, which really surprised me. It is not easy to meet the requirements of Japanese companies, but Eiffel made it.
Mr. Shiraki
At the stage of new product development, our team and Eiffel communicated for a long time. Their R&D team is very creative which let me know, Nattokinase can not only make capsules! Now our new products have gradually opened up the market.
Dr. Tang
R&D Director

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